What is RedCard?
What is RedCard?
The RedCard is a first of its kind annual membership card that allows the member to obtain up to a 50% discount off the restaurant a la carte bills with any restaurant participating in the RedCard network. This discount is NOT a one off. The RedCard can be used continuously for 1 year. The only requirement is that if you want to continue to use the card then after 1 year of joining you will need to renew it.

Some of the restaurants include Comida, The Yogitree, Duduk Café, Brisik, Deutches Haus, House of Kebab, Italiano’s, Joseph @ Kitchen, Puzzini Swedish Pizza, The Meat Experts, F Concept Dining By Buffalo Kitchens, The Olive Tree and Zakuro Japanese Restaurant among many many others. At the time of writing the number of restaurants is 230 with currently one restaurant joining every day.

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Don’t listen to us, hear what our members are saying...
Still not convinced.... Well here are just a couple of examples from some of our members of how much money they saved from becoming RedCard members:

“Our family went out for a meal to Bangkok House and I saved 57 ringgit. I’ve used the RedCard twice before within the last 2 weeks and so I’ve saved over 100 which has paid for the card twice. Drinks are not included but it’s still definitely worth it.”
Lim Su from PJ

“I recently took 8 of my colleagues to Urban e Fresco for a company lunch and got a discount of RM 125. I chose a RedCard restaurant because I knew I would get a massive saving!”
F. Akram from Mont Kiara

“I treated my wife to a YogiTree healthy dinner because I want her to lose weight! Anyway I got RM 25 off and I’ve only used it once so far so hopefully once more and I’ll have paid for the card”
Ken Baker from Damansara Heights

Malaysians and ex-pats eat out all the time. Most eat out at least once a week and some people dine almost every day. If you’re one of them then you could save 1000s (yes literally thousands of ringgit) a year by using a RedCard and eating at mainly RedCard restaurants. Even if you ate out only once a month it would still be worth joining. Many members pay for their card using it just once but on average the RedCard is paid for after 2 or 3 meals.

So what are you waiting for? Do the smart thing and become a member for Free! .

RedCard is NOT like Groupon, MyDeal or other deal sites...
Deal type sites offer you a one off coupon that you buy or print off for one particular restaurant. RedCard is an annual membership that gives you continous discounts from the same restaurants day after day of up to 50% off a la carte items. It’s an awesome deal because you’re not constrained by restaurant or by redeeming the voucher by a particular date. You can just use it when you want with as many restaurants as you want and usually take as many people as you want. And there are over 230 restaurants in the network so far with new restaurants being added all the time.

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What’s in it for the restaurant? Why would restaurants offer up to a 50% discount?
There is one simple straightforward answer to this. They get more customers!
Whether you’re taking the family out on a treat, partying with your friends or romancing with your partner, price is generally always a concern and when you could potentially save a hundred ringgit off your bill you’re more likely to visit a RedCard restaurant over one that doesn’t offer a large discount. Which is why restaurants are happy to receive RedCard members to fill tables and chairs.

However, the use of the card can vary depending on the restaurant. Restaurants have 5 conditions on the use of the RedCard: -
  1. Drinks are NOT included in the discount. Some would argue that there is one catch. Whereas we would argue that this is a reasonable condition that applies to all restaurants. If restaurants were to offer up to a 50% discount with drinks included it would make it unprofitable for the restaurant and potentially loss making so it is unreasonable to expect the kind of large sustainable discount that RedCard offers, on drinks too.

  2. Applies between 4 and 7 days of the week. Some restaurants have limited days. One of the attractions of RedCard for the restaurant is that it offers to fill tables on days which are normally quiet for the restaurant, so really busy periods are not offered by some restaurants. However, one of the conditions of a restaurant to join is that at least 4 days are offered as discount days and most restaurants offer more than 4 days. In fact half of all RedCard restaurants offer the full 7 days.

  3. Discounts of between 30 to 50%. The majority of restaurants offer 30% whereas few offer 40 or 50%. Also occasionally there are time limited offers from restaurants so please check the website or mobile website for up to date details.

  4. A few restaurants require pre-booking. This only applies to a few restaurants but some do require pre-bookings. So you must phone to book a table at the restaurant

  5. Maximum people allowed. Some restaurants only allow a certain number of people that can use the RedCard. So for example if a restaurant says up to 4 people. Then if a table has 6 people, then the RedCard discount will only be applied to 4 of the people and the other 2 will have to pay full-price.

This website is updated on a daily basis. So if a restaurant does change its terms then we should be the first to know about it. But if you regularly eat at a restaurant then you don’t have to check the website because very seldom do restaurants update the terms. RedCard works for them, as it works for the member, as it works for us. It’s sound cliche but it’s a Win-Win-Win.

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New Restaurants joining everyday...
The RedCard team consists of an experienced sales force that go out on a daily basis signing up restaurants so that our members can experience new restaurants and save even more money. If you join the newsletter or visit the website on a daily basis you will see new restaurants being added all the time. We have only been in operation since late last year and we have over 230 restaurants. We expect to have over 1000 restaurants by the end of 2012.

As our reach gets wider our marketing costs and operational overheads also increase and thus we will be compelled to increase the price of the RedCard membership to 2 or 3 times the current price. Our advice to you is to get the RedCard NOW while it is Free!

How to use the RedCard...
When you have found a RedCard restaurant then you need to check that they:-

a) offer the discount on the day that you want to go, and
b) do not require a pre-booking. If it does require one, then make a quick call

Then, simply present your RedCard when asking for the bill so that they can calculate the discount to apply on all a la carte food items.

It’s so simple and easy to use. Be smart and save money by becoming a member for Free! .

Even more features to make it easy for members...
We’re constantly thinking of ways to make it easy for our members to find and discover new restaurants and stay up to date with the existing restaurant network.

When searching for restaurants some of our members find it easy printing off a list of the restaurants. It’s the traditional tried and tested paper printout method that always works and doesn’t need an Internet connection. We have to admit this has been quite handy.
However, when you want regular updates and want to know promptly when new restaurants are added to the RedCard network along with special notifications of time limited offers then nothing beats the good old email newsletter that we publish on a weekly basis.
But when you’re on the move then there is nothing more handy than our mobile site, which is a customized and lite weight version of allowing you to search for restaurants. Especially handy when trying to figure out which restaurants are accepting RedCard today.
We also have mobile apps for IPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows smartphones in the works and will be released in the near future. All of these features are available to our current members and we will continue to invent new ways to improve the customer experience.

So do sign up and get the RedCard now and get a no risk free card now.

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