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One Sweet One Night

One Sweet One Night

A2-G2-3A Solaris Dutamas
No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1, Hartamas/ Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, 50480
03 62111439
Opening Times
mon -sun 1100-2300
Restaurant offers 30% off the total food bill.
RedCard offer not available on Fri
RedCard offer not available on Sat
RedCard offer not available on Sun
Max guests allowed is 1
Restaurant is Pork Free, but may serve Alcoholic drinks and food
RedCard offer available on Public Holidays.

One Sweet One Night's theme is a typical music cafe with digital gadgets.

We are the first restaurant to use the Apple's IPAD as our e-menu and ordering device which make it a lot more interesting. We also have live music everyday to create a better dining environment and relaxing ambience to enjoy your meal here, not only for you to eat well but to be satisfied as well. As we have prepared for you a variety of attractive snacks, meals, desserts and beverage. The perfect culture fusion where East meets West, a combination of classical culture and modern trend. This is our way to show you the real attitude of life, we have been trying hard to continuously improving the traditional eating habit and make a more relaxing, comfortable dining environment to escape from the stress caused by the surrounding society. Through our music, food and atmosphere, we hope that you could enjoy every moment with us.

About Music : Music is to be said the soul of our life and it has big influence. Imagine a world without music, it won't be as lively as it is now and it colours up our life, When we are delighted, music helps us to keep the mood lasting, when depressed it helps us to come out from sorrows, it also keep us accompany at lonely times to soothes us. So at One Sweet One Night Music Cafe, we'll always keep you accompany whether you are happy or otherwise, through thick and thin.

About Food: Since the time of ancient kingdom of China, there is a old proverb saying Food is every man's purposeŁ. Food provides us energy for our everyday's life so that we have to strength to go through everyday life, have the power to go against all life pressure, the courage to face setbacks and confidence to stand up after failure therefore food is a important source to life. With the improvement of the living standards, food is not only to just satisfy hunger anymore. More and more people began to seek food which is healthy, trendy and popular. One Sweet One Night knows this new age culture very well so we research and collect high quality raw material and herbs from around the world and through the joint effort of our experienced nutritionist, master seasoning and top quality chef, we produce exquisite healthy gourmets for you to enjoy with a new experience and a healthy life.

About Us: We are a team from different professionals. We might not have a rich experience in management yet but we know how to fully utilize the latest technology to change form of the old school management theory to give every customer a new, fun experience with us. We just started fresh in the F&B line with low qualification and shallow experience but focus hard in brand improvement from creative packaging, environment, food quality, staff efficiency even cutleries till to the smallest detail because we believe details determine succession or failure, therefore every details is what every brands must pay attention at. We are climbing up the ladder to become a outstanding F&B chain brand so that more people can enjoy spending their time with us, let us have a chance to colour up your life in a new way and bring warmth to your heart. Sweetness doesn't only stays in your mouth but fills up your heart as well. This is One Sweet One Night Music Cafe's vision. An enthusiastic and persistent new upcoming star in the F&B industry will start his journey and persist no matter how high the tide is, how rocky the road is and how bitter it taste, we will strive on. With your cheer and support , we can do it.

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