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No.8 (Ground Floor)
Jalan 27/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, Hartamas/ Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, 50480
03 23000683
Fusion, Japanese
Restaurant offers 30% off the total food bill.
RedCard offer not available on Thu
RedCard offer not available on Fri
RedCard offer not available on Sat
Max guests allowed is 4
Restaurant is Pork Free, but may serve Alcoholic drinks and food
RedCard offer available on Public Holidays.

We believe that good food comes about only if you put yourself in it, with passions, heart & soul.  

Aoyama established in 2002, the founder wasn’t a full-time chef; he is just a food lover, passionate,inventive & likes travelling to experience new herbs, ingredients & recipes.  The founder decided to name his first restaurant after the city which he discover its beauty during his trip to Tokyo – Aoyama. It is beautiful, cozy and exclusive and the people are friendly too.  After many years of experience, all types of cooking style – Asian, Japanese, Western, Italian, French, Nyonyah, finally he has found his direction for his passions – Nobu Style Japanese Fusion Cuisine.

 In Aoyama Japanese Cuisine, all the ingredients are fresh & source from all over the world. They are served in many ways, from hot to cold, from raw to cooked, from simple food to exclusive food like fuwagua, wagyu, oyster and so many more. No matter how fusion the food is, they are still based on the basic foundation of Japanese cooking style – freshness, cleanliness & details. Each dish mush be vibrant & energetic balance of colour & flovour. All the broth & sauces are from the natural ingredients, we believe no seasoning can match real freshness, taste the difference for yourself.  The Aoyama experience is all about sharing exquisite food & wine in the company of good friends.  Food is for giving, and cooking is a gift from the cook to the diners. It is our honour & pleasure that the food we serve will satisfy many diners.

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