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Bernard's Bistro And Restaurant

Bernard's Bistro And Restaurant

G9-14 Centrepoint
Jln Leboh, Bandar Utama, Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, 47800
Malaysian, Western
Opening Times
Restaurant offers 30% off the total food bill.
RedCard offer not available on Sat
RedCard offer not available on Sun
Max guests allowed is 1
Restaurant serves Non-Halal meat.
RedCard offer available on Public Holidays.

Since 1999, Bernard's bistro has successfully maintained its reputation for sumptuous food and relaxed ambience. It has become a second home to many types of people – from businessmen wanting to 'escape' the confines of the office to the sophisticated women who enjoy the laid back and safe atmosphere. Located in the affluent community of Bandar Utama, locals and expatriates come to enjoy the choice of classic Malaysian dishes and succulent Western cuisine. Families bring their children for lunch or dinner in air conditioned comfort with the added flexibility of a nearby safe playground for when the kids are restless.

There is a separate bar in the middle of the bistro with a wide selection of drinks, from non-alcoholic favourites to wild, woozy concoctions. The drinks menu details the dizzying cocktail combinations so you'll know the type of trouble you're inviting! For the more discerning customer, the bar carries many upmarket beverages from French Champagne to 30-year-old Single Malt Whiskies.

The dining area is relaxed and spacious and there is  a wide menu selection with several signature dishes. Bernard's traditional Chicken Rice, with bean-sprouts and a generous portion of tender juicy steamed chicken, is not to be missed. Hours of massaging has gone into this recipe and the chilli sauce has such a kick you'll be back for more. Steaming, spicy Nasi Lemak, served with a choice of either tender juicy beef or chicken rendang, fiery and savoury squid sambal or sweet succulent fried chicken, is a dish that will always be a part of the menu. The light yet flavoursome Fried Vermicelli and crunchy juicy Fresh Water Prawn Noodles, are another reason why people keep coming back for more. Prices are reasonable and all the dishes are served in generous proportions. Only the best choices of meat are used for Western dishes, cooked tenderly and served with a knock-out choice of thick, mouthwatering sauces – either hot savoury black pepper, thick and strong garlic or creamy juicy mushroom. The sauces are meticulously home made so you can be sure of quality and you'll never see them in the stores.

The crowd defines the atmosphere and the crowd at Bernard's mainly consists of successful and interesting people from all walks of life. It is a great place to unwind with a nice cool ambience. Lunch is a great time to visit with soft, soothing music to beat the heat of the day. It's also a very relaxed place to have a brainstorming session or business meeting over a meal and a drink. The evenings are for relaxation, when you can have a few drinks with your dinner or enjoy the piped in music or chatting with close or long lost friends.

The bistro has been designed for the comfort of the customers – there are three televisions around the bar, and a medium and huge projector screen on the floor section. It's no wonder that it was one of KL's hot spots to enjoy the World Cup or F1 formula in cool setting. It is also a great place for many types of functions as the place boasts a great sound system, a huge projector for presentations, free Wi-Fi internet, spacious floor area with capacity of 180 people, a stage and a private room for 30 – 35 people.

Run by a man who is passionate about his customers, Bernard Nah wishes you a great time at the bistro that bears his name!


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