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Frequently Asked Questions.
What is RedCard?
RedCard is the first ever diners card in Malaysia. It offers it's members large savings every time they dine out at participating restaurants on presentation of their membership card which is subject to an annual fee.

What discounts can members get?
30 to 50% off the total food bill (not drinks).
Buy one, free one - one starter, main meal or dessert will be received free when another is bought.

How much can I save?  
This will depend on how many people you dine with and how much you spend but an average saving could be between RM16 and RM40 every time you dine out.

How can I get a RedCard?
Getting a RedCard is easy, its free! Just go to the registration page: Join RedCard, and you will get yours in the post within a few days. Alternatively visit our office and we can give you yours direct.

Is there only a limited menu I can use my discount on?
The discount can be used on the full a la carte menu but can not be used in conjunction with any other offers.

Is there only a limited time, when I can use my card?
The restaurant has the discretion to restrict certain days but this can be checked on the website beforehand and can only be up to a maximum of three days in the week. So you have at the very minimum four days in the week in which to enjoy your discount at a particular restaurant.

Is there a limited amount of diners allowed?
There may be a maximum number of diners specified for a particular restaurant. This may be specified on the website.

Do I have to book in advance?
Only some restaurants ask for advance bookings when using the RedCard and you can check which ones this applies to by looking on the website.

Are the cards transferable?
The RedCards is non-transferable and is printed with a personal card number and your name. The restaurant may also ask you to provide a valid form of ID when you use the RedCard.

What's the advantage for the Restaurants?
It provides exposure for the restaurant to our members and helps to achieve them new custom in perhaps less busy periods.

How do I know which restaurants take RedCard?
The website is updated regularly with all participating restaurants. You may even see the RedCard sticker in many of the establishments' windows. We sign up new restaurants everyday so if your favourite restaurant isn't in our directory, you may see it there tomorrow.

Why is this discount card different to all of the other discount offers available?
Because it offers larger discounts than many other cards, the minimum discount being 30%. You can also use it continuously, unlike other coupons, where you buy a one off deal, you can use the card continuously for a one off membership fee. We are also exclusively concentrated on restaurants to ensure you get the widest choice around.
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